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Mafia 02/08/11 Trial version English
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista

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MAFIA. brings the 1930's underworld to life in this 3rd person 3D Gangster Action game. Rise from the lowly butwell-dressed Footsoldier to the envied and feared Made Man in an era of big bands, zoot suits, and Tommy Guns.

Take on the role of a hit-man, enforcer, getaway driver, and more in your struggle for respect, money and power. Meet Tommy and follow his rise from humble beginnings as a decent and hard working taxi driver to a respectedMafia figure amongst the city's most notorious Mafia Family, the Salieri's.

After many years of faithful serviceTommy is ready to confess to Lost Heaven's senior detective. At last his story will be told. The story of.

MAFIA. GAME FEATURES: 20 action-packed missions with sub-quests. luxury and riches are yoursfor the taking, if you do as Don Salieri has requested.

From mob hits, carchases, shootouts, and more, complete the unsavoury tasks the Familyneeds done and you will be handsomely rewarded. Explore over 12 square miles of the 1930's American city, with simulatedtraffic, landmarks, and surrounding landscapes.

Convincing environments pull you into the 1930's with their attention todetail and style. From seedy bars and hotel rooms to train stations andairports.

every location is rendered in fantastic detail by the 3D LS3Dengine, such as the Lost Heaven International Airport and Chinatown. Use weapons including the Tommy Gun, Colt 1911, S&W model 27MAGNUM, or pump action shotgun.

Drive over 60 different vehicles (including the classics, roadsters, anddelivery trucks) with the most realistic car physics ever made in a game.

OS:Windows 98 / Me / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7. CPU:500Mhz Pentium3/Athlon (700Mhz recommended). RAM:96MB minimum RAM (128MB recommended). Hard drive: 1.

8 GB free space. Graphics: DirectX8. 1 compatible 3d accelerator with 32MB RAM. Warning. Vista 32 - The game fails to start on Vista 32. Workaround: The user must right click Game.

exe, select Properties, then click the Compatibility Tab. Next click the check box that is labeled "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" then select Windows XP (Service Pack 2) from the drop down box.

Click Apply afterwards then OK. Mafia should then be able to run properly. Vista and XP - From a new profile, quitting to the desktop after receiving a mission objective without an auto-save results in a crash.

Matrox Parahelia Gfx Card. Known minor graphical issues. Vista 64 & Windows 7. Bink cutscenes are skipped due to missing DLL. Known issue with OS.

Windows 7 - Video Resolution Settings fail to save when the game is not started in compatibility mode in Windows 7.

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